Michelle Bolden

Bio: My life's journey has taken me down many different roads, some difficult and some full of joy. My desire is that what I have learned will encourage you, fill you with hope, and most importantly...lead you to Jesus. God has given me the privilege of serving Him in ministry through a variety of venues: Speaker/Teacher, Founder/Director of the Good Samaritan Inn long-term housing facility for senior homeless women, Chaplain for the county youth detention facility,Volunteer through the county prosecutor's office assisting victims of violent crimes, 20+ years experience working with the homeless. As a young person I had many difficulties to overcome as the result of a highly disfunctional family life. God blessed me with salvation as a very young child and I clung to Him through each and every crisis. When questions arose as a young adult as to why I experienced these things, God's response was simple and clear, "If you never have the answers, will you trust me anyway?" That was the defining moment. The day my faith was anchored. And I have never looked back. My deepest desire now is only that God would not allow me to waist it. No looking back for me. If you have happened on my site, or maybe found a random letter in some store, library, or doctor's waiting room meant to bring you hope and encouragement please let me know how I can pray for you. My sincere hope is to help you come to a place of contentment in your life and help you COME HOME TO PEACE.

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